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LeTian New Amusement Equipment Rides Recommend

Date: Oct 19, 2018 Views:
We produce a large number of small and medium-sized amusement equipment. There are three types of new amusement equipment that have recently been developed to follow customer needs:

2020 New Amusement Equipment Rides: Violent Motorcycles
Violent Motorcycles

It ’s not just small trains on the track. Motorcycles roar like galloping wheels. Turning the handlebars, the whine of the throttle is so cool. This track ferris wheel will be used in parks, amusement parks, commercial squares, and tourist attractions. A mother tube that attracts children and young people. A car can take three families!

2020 new amusement equipment Rides: Fire Fighting Vehicle
Fire Fighting Vehicle

A children's play equipment with fire education significance. It is applicable to many Bogu Museums and science and education bases. It integrates play and education as a whole. The play facilities are never short of popularity!

2020 new amusement equipment Rides: Aerobatic Aircraft
Aerobatic Aircraft

The characteristics of aerobatics are the double rolling, seemingly thin design. It still needs a certain amount to sit on it. This amusement equipment integrates international design concepts, exquisite atmosphere, and unique gameplay. Whether it is a professional theme park or a tourist area Are very dazzling protagonists.

Of course, there are more interesting new amusement equipments being designed and debugged. These new amusement equipments will be gradually settled in playgrounds and tourist attractions in many countries around the world. Welcome your inquiry and happy together!
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