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Theme park amusement equipment for sale

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LeTian Amusement has friendly cooperation with multinational merchants to jointly develop the global amusement business, among which theme park equipment export sales are booming.
Theme park amusement equipment on sale

LeTian Amusement implements scientific and standardized management, and cultivates a strong team with superb skills and entrepreneurial spirit. Product design and development are unique, and are always market-oriented. With excellent quality, sophisticated design, and considerate service, the products sell well in major cities in China, and are exported to more than 20 countries including Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and the Middle East. Countries and regions. In international contacts,

The investment price of a theme park cannot be calculated solely by the area of ​​the venue, because the price of a theme park is determined by many aspects, so you need to know the area and configuration of a children's theme park if you need to know how much money it takes to invest in a children's theme park. The main equipment is Combined slides, ocean ball pools, treasure hunting beaches, happy octopus, coconut trees, treasure boats, swing turntables, water slides, trampolines, rainbow nets, cable bridges and other equipment. Investors can match them according to their own needs and the actual situation of the venue Different devices, as well as different themes.
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