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Inflatable rides malfunctions and troublesh

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Tips for LeTian amusement equipment, common malfunctions of inflatable rides and troubleshooting:

1. Pasting requirements: Apply glue evenly to the place where the toy is to be pasted and the cloth, and then air dry for half a minute. Paste the cloth sample to the pasting place.
2. The toy is scratched: if the slit is longer than 5cm, it should be sewed on the needle and thread, and then pasted with a cloth strip or cloth pattern; the slit with less than 5cm can be pasted directly.
3. Seam opening: first stitch the opening with a needle thread (or detach it from the bottom of the air cushion and enter and seam it). The opening can be treated firmly by pasting, while taking into consideration the appearance.
4, beautification edge: apply a small amount of glue on the edge of the edge with a small brush, flatten and squeeze after a short stop, you can paste firmly.
5. Degumming: Some easy-to-wear parts are easily degummed after long-term use. You can cut the fabric into different shapes and paste them at the degumming place.
6. Large air leakage: After the toy is used for a long time, because the pinhole seam of some parts is enlarged, the air leakage is greatly increased. You can consider sticking a cloth strip to the seam to reduce the air leakage. If the toy is too old, Scrap should be considered to prevent problems during operation.
7. Local cushions of air cushions are abnormally raised: Generally, the pull towel is torn from the air cushion. The bottom of the air cushion can be disassembled along the seam, and the ribs are connected to the air cushion with a needle thread, and then pasted with a cloth strip to protect the seam.

The above is a brief introduction to the common problems and troubleshooting of children's inflatable rides. For more information about children's inflatable slides, welcome to LeTian Amusement, we will give answers based on your actual situation!
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