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Inflatable amusement project management skills

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You Need Know: Inflatable castles are made of PVC mesh fabrics that are stitched into various shapes and blown by fans to form dream castles. Children can climb and play on it. Inflatable amusement facilities can be divided into inflatable trampolines and inflatable slides according to height. There are also inflatable rock climbing and inflatable punching styles according to different gameplay.

How to run an inflatable amusement project, make quick returns and make a profit, and finally make money? Please read the following four tips:
inflatable amusement management

1. choose a venue ------- look for a good venue. The area of ​​the site is generally 80-120 square meters, and the site is best in a park, shopping mall, or a large community square, because these places have a relatively concentrated crowd.

2. choose the style ----- to choose a good inflatable toy style. Every year in the children's cartoon market, there will be some emerging cartoon shapes. These cartoon shapes are most suitable for inflatable toys, because children have a bored period when playing with inflatable toys. Only the latest style of inflatable toys can attract children's interest. If you say you always want the old inflatable toys, why can't you attract children to make a profit?

3. choose the business method ---- Everybody wants to say, the business method is not very simple, just sit there and collect the money. Wrong, big mistake. Inflatable toys, although small, are also a business and need to be treated with care. Think about it, everyone is the same way of doing business, what if there is competition? So everyone can change their minds, how can we attract children's curiosity? For example: 1: Tenth child can draw for every ten children (prizes can choose some cheap and uncommon ones such as shells) 2: If there are other equipment next to the inflatable toy but there are not many people playing, you can Inflatable toys make bundled tickets.

4. Diligent ---- What is diligent? This means to protect your inflatable toys well, and often wipe them to keep them clean and tidy, so that the comfortable parents playing with clean children can rest assured.
inflatable amusement project

There is still a lot of experience to learn about the operation of inflatable toys. If you want to learn more methods, please pay attention to the "LeTian Amusement" website.
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