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Amusement equipment needs regular maintenance

Date: Jun 19, 2018 Views:
The amusement equipment needs to be maintained during the overall operation, especially at a later stage, so regular maintenance of the amusement equipment is very important and necessary.
Amusement equipment needs regular maintenance

What kind of maintenance do you need to do everyday?

1. Add lubricating oil on a regular basis: Amusement equipment is born from the combination of tens of millions of small parts. There must be some wear between daily running parts. Therefore, it is necessary to add lubricating oil regularly at the junction of parts, which can reduce abrasion.

2. Regularly check the equipment circuit: mechanical amusement equipment requires power to run, and the current is relatively large. Outdoor amusement equipment is inspected more frequently than indoor amusement equipment, because the equipment is more likely to be damaged in the sun and rain year round than indoors.

Based on the above two points, regular maintenance will increase the service life of amusement equipment accordingly. Lotte Amusement has a professional design planning team and a professional consulting and introduction team. It produces more than ten models of new amusement equipment all year round. If you need to know more about the maintenance of amusement equipment, you can consult online.
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