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14 Seats Mini Electric Train

  • Model: LT08-T14-WA
  • Seats: 14P
  • Cover Area: 6*8m
  • Power: 3.5kw
  • Voltage: 220V,single phase
14 seats mini kids electric train also called track train, train track, electric train, kids train, trackless train, toy trainman train. It is an imitation of the production of regular Rail train with locomotive in front, followed by several sections like swing plane cartoon style seat mechanical toys for children to play. We can make the Rail train according your area; track can be customized according the area.

14 Seats Mini Electric Train Feature: 
1. Electric train is made of Fiberglass Reinforce Plastic (FRP) and STEEL, which is durable, firm, environment friendly, as well as erosion-resistant, highly stable.
2. It is equipped with gorgeous light and exciting music.
3. It can be installed in amusement parks, parks, square and other indoor and outdoor places.
4. Its undulating track makes it funnier. It is wholly popular with teenagers and adults.

14 Seats Mini Electric Train Technical Parameters: 
Model Capacity Power Cabin No. Cover Area Voltage
LT08-T18-DX 18P 5KW 5 8*10m 380V,three phase
LT08-T14-JY 14P 3.5KW 4 6*8m 220V,single phase
LT08-T14-WA 14P 3.5KW 4 6*8m 220V,single phase

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