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  • 20 Seats Mini Shuttle Car Kids Train - Picturer

20 Seats Mini Shuttle Car Kids Train

  • Model: LT08-MN20
  • Capacity: 20P or more
  • Track Height: 1.95m
  • Track length: 96m
  • Power: 8kw,380v
  • Cover area: 10*10m
As the new-type game equipment, "Mini Shuttle" moves in a special grade-separated track. Composed of several (generally 14-20 sets) electric cars of miscellaneous types and attractive appearance, it can convert its direction automatically along the track, which is appealing to both children and adults.

The cars move in a queue along the track that is designed with spiral ups and downs, giving visitors a feeling of tramping over hills and dales. Accompanied with multi-colored lamps and terrific audio device, visitors in the car shall all feel exciting and joyous.

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